Saturday, April 30, 2016

Vinyl Replacement Window Installation

If you are interested in replacing your current windows with new vinyl windows then it is definitely in your best interest to find a company that offers expert vinyl replacement window installation. You can buy the best windows that are on the market but if the installation work is done incorrectly or sloppily then it won’t really be worth much and you won’t get the value out of your vinyl replacement window installation that you were expecting.

In order to avoid that, go with a company that has been around the Denver area for over 10 years and whose expert installers have over 30 years of window expertise. Windows Plus has a wide variety of windows to choose from so you can pick just the right ones for your budget, your style and the climate where you live. We are also able to help you pick out the perfect windows for your vinyl replacement window installation if you are not exactly sure what you are looking for. Call us today for your free quote and enjoy a free upgrade to high performance glass when you place your order. It’s for a limited time only so don’t wait!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Need New Windows Installed

You need new windows installed in your home. But who do you trust to sell you quality windows, the right windows for your needs, and install them correctly so you can enjoy your windows for years to come? That question is not as hard to answer as you might think. Just take a trip on down and talk to us friendly folks here at Windows Plus. For over 10 years we’ve been a trustworthy company for all our neighbors in the Denver metro area to call when they need new windows installed.

New windows can help improve the value and appearance of your home. Plus, depending on the age and type of your current windows, you could end up saving lots of dollars over the long term thanks to reduced energy bills as a direct result of better insulation. If you’ve been needing new windows installed for a while and have been putting it off, don’t wait any longer. Now is a better time than ever as we are offering free upgrades to high performance glass on all windows but it’s for a limited time only. Request a free quote today to see just how easy it is to get new windows.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Install New Front Door

A quick and easy way to make a change or dress up your home a bit is to install a new front door. Your front door, obviously, is very often the first thing guests will note about your house and just installing a new front door can spice up the look of your home without having to spend too much time and money. Windows Plus in Golden, Colorado has a nice selection of Therma-Tru doors ranging in style from traditional to modern and coming in different materials such as fiberglass and steel to offer economical, energy efficient and fire rated doors while still looking snazzy.

Whether you want to save money on your energy bill or impress your guests with an intricate glass window design you are able, of course, to choose exactly what material you want that will serve your purposes. Keep in mind that the area where you live plays a role as well. In windy areas or areas with extreme temperatures energy efficiency becomes more of a factor to consider. Our experts can help you with that and will not only advise you on the perfect door, but also install your new front door.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

French Door Installation Company

French doors are a nice way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. But, as always, you must find the perfect French door installation company from which to buy your ideal French door and you can rest easy knowing that the company’s experts will correctly install your door. Take a look at the selection of French doors offered by Windows Plus. We use Alside doors which are a beautiful cross between elegance and functionality. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors for the frame, door handles, and any decorative grids you may wish to add. This gives you complete control over customizing the look of your French doors and with these amazing doors you don’t have to sacrifice functionality and energy efficiency to do it.

Windows Plus has been serving the Denver area as a French door installation company, among other things, for over 10 years and the staff brings a combined 30 years of door and window expertise to the table. We are a French door installation company that you can trust to help you choose the perfect French door in order to achieve the stylistic effect that you want and keep your energy bills nice and manageable.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Custom Home Window Installer

So you’re ready to put some new windows on your home? Maybe you want to add some fun pizzazz or have some custom or interestingly designed windows installed. In that case you will need a professional custom home window installer who has enough expertise to correctly install oddly shaped or unusually sized windows. Windows Plus has been selling and installing windows in the metro Denver area for over 10 years and has the experience necessary to be your custom home window installer.

Being a small family owned and operated company we can, and do, put more emphasis on each of our clients and make sure that they receive exactly the treatment that we would expect for ourselves if we were the customers. Our experts can help you plan the design, pick colors and materials to fit your style, and select the correct type of glass with the appropriate energy efficiency and wind treatment for your area and climate. We try to be more than just a custom home window installer and go the extra mile to ensure that you receive exactly what you want at prices that are reasonable and affordable. Call today for a free quote!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Bay Windows Denver

So you’d like to spice up your home a little and add some new bay windows to your Denver home. Bay windows are a nice way to let more light into your home because of the way they protrude out from the side of your house and have more angles to better facilitate light flow. For the same reason they also add a nice sense of openness and can add a little pizzazz to virtually any style home. Generally new bay windows in Denver have angles of 90, 135 and 150 degrees.

So where exactly do you go to get new bay windows in Denver at modest prices? That might seem like too much to ask, but it’s not! Windows Plus offer high quality windows at prices that won’t break the bank so you can easily make an investment that just makes sense. We’ve got a nice selection of windows to choose from so you can pick exactly the style that will go with the style of your home and give your house some character. Plus, our professional installers hold 30 years of windows expertise between them so you can rest assured that your windows will be installed correctly.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Entry Doors Denver

Are you looking at your entry door and thinking it must be about time to get a new one? But what a hassle! And where do you even go to get entry doors in Denver anyways? Well, it’s actually not that difficult and when you use Windows Plus for your entry doors in Denver we actually take a lot of the hassle and headache out of the process leaving you free to enjoy your new entry door and other, much more important things rather than wasting time being caught up in replacing your door.

We recommend using ThermaTru doors, which we truly believe to be a great door and a great value. Not only do they look snazzy, they are inexpensive and help insulate your home even more--which is always a good factor for those energy bills and the environment. We have either fiberglass or fire rated steel entry doors in Denver for you to choose from in a wide variety of colors and styles so that you can personalize the look just how you want it. So don’t put it off any longer, get that entry door replaced and you won’t have to think about it again!

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